The BEST Secret Ingredient Bolognese With Gnocchi!

Secret Ingredient Gnocchi Bolognese

Dinner | 26th March 2016 | By

For some, bolognese may bring back memories of childhood dinners, or university years when it was the only half impressive meal you could cook outside of beans on toast or ramen noodles.
My friends and family would be the first people to tell you that I go crazy for unique, wacky dishes full of ingredients you may not immediately consider putting together. That I’m rarely found eating something where someone doesn’t make a comment like “What’s that green stuff?… Cavolo Nero? I’ve never heard of it. What’s wrong with lettuce!’
But in spite of all this, the classic bolognese is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES.


Smoked Haddock & Pea Spring Risotto

Smoked Haddock, Pea and Mushroom Spring Risotto With Poached Egg

Dinner | 16th March 2016 | By

Plump, creamy risotto.
With delicate, sweet, smoked haddock.
Bright, vibrant peas.
Meaty, nutty, chestnut mushrooms.
And a perfectly cooked poached egg.
Let me introduce…


5-A-Day Thai Chicken Stir Fry

5-A-Day Thai Chicken Stir Fry

Dinner, Lunch | 3rd March 2016 | By

Oh, you guys. This 5-A-Day Thai chicken stir fry is A GOOD ONE. You’re in for a treat.
As with a lot of my cooking, it was a bit of a chuck-it-in-the-pan-and-see-what-happens scenario, and it totally came out on top. There are too many fabulous things to name about this dish, but here are just a few:


Creamy, Curried Courgetti With Rainbow Trout

Creamy, Curried Courgetti with Rainbow Trout

Dinner, Lunch | 29th February 2016 | By

Ah, rainbow trout. Those gorgeously succulent, tasty fish and their delightful omega 3’s. Let me count the ways I love them:
1. So versatile. They’re an amazing addition to literally any dish. Salad? Oh yes. Pasta? Flake it up and stir on through. Risotto? I’LL TAKE THE LOT.
2. Super easy to prepare. Bake it, poach it, steam it, grill it, pan fry it… the world is your oyster!
3. Packed with omega 3 fatty acids, these little gems can lower your risk of heart disease, boost your brain power and help you to maintain optimal joint health. Not bad, eh?


Spicy Beef Lettuce Cups & BBQ Butterbean Mash

Spicy Beef Lettuce Cups

Dinner, Lunch | 21st February 2016 | By

Ah, spicy beef lettuce cups.
This was one of those recipes that came to fruition during a frenzied situation (or at least, more frenzied than usual) in which I had only 20 minutes to make dinner. And not just for myself, either. For my awesome cook boyfriend who was having a stressful time and really deserved cheering up.
Pressure? ON.


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