Vegan Pumpkin Pie Oats

Vegan Pumpkin Pie Spice Oatmeal

Breakfast | 26th November 2017 | By

I think it is safe to say that everyone and their dog seems to have a pumpkin pie oats recipe. At least, every food blogger. And they all look lovely. But I’m going to have to cut to the chase right away and tell you that mine is the best and all others should be disregarded immediately.
Kidding/not kidding.
In case this is in fact the first time that you’ve heard about vegan pumpkin pie oats, then allow me to explain.


A Social Media Break: Why I Left

A Social Media Break: Why I Left

Lifestyle | 22nd November 2017 | By

I’ve been taking a blogging and social media break.
A REALLY long break, actually. This is in fact the first time I’ve posted on Fuelling the Fork in over 5 months! How did that happen?! This year has absolutely flown by and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Quite frankly, a helluva lot has happened.
About that. Grab a cuppa, because it’s time for me to explain.
Originally, I took a social media break because I was beginning to feel a bit really burnt out. Which is kind of funny, because it’s not like I was even doing crazy things like working 20 hour days or skipping meals through lack of time to eat (lol, as if).


Glasgow T2 Tea Masterclass: REVIEW

Glasgow T2 Tea Masterclass

Friends, I have a little gem to share with you today!
I was recently invited to a T2 Tea Masterclass at the brand new Glasgow T2 store on Buchanan St. As an Australian company, a lot of Glasgow dwellers may be new to the name T2, but I’m not one of them. For once, I appear to be ahead of the curve. See, a few years ago now, I used to live in Melbourne, which is where T2 opened their first ever store. I was a poor backpacker then, and I knew that buying boxes of exotic sounding teas wouldn’t have done my withering bank account any favours- or my backpack. So I didn’t. But I remember feeling so enchanted every time I saw a T2 store, with their colourful packaging, shimmering teapots and smiley staff. It all just looked so fun. So when I got invited to the new Glasgow T2 store, I was super excited to accept the offer.

Now, I’m going to tell you a secret.


Healthy Banana Bread with Sultana and Amaretto

Healthy Banana Bread with Sultanas and Amaretto. This banana bread is gluten, dairy and refined sugar free- perfect for a mid afternoon treat, you would never guess this was a healthier bake!

Snacks | 18th February 2017 | By

Healthy banana bread lovers, this one is for you. This is YOUR moment.
Well. It’s mostly your moment- but in truth, you don’t even need to be into healthy desserts to enjoy this incredible banana bread. It’s for everyone.
…How do I know? I took it into work a couple of weeks ago -into an office full of sugar lovers- and they gobbled this up faster than you can say ‘refined sugar free’. There were some very surprised looks when I told people it contained oat flour and maple syrup instead of white flour and sugar.


Chocolate Brownie Cake with Berry Yogurt ‘Buttercream’

Chocolate Brownie Cake with Berry Yogurt Buttercream. Fudgy, melt in your mouth chocolate cake with a sweet, tart yogurt buttercream. Healthy deliciousness at its finest. YUM.

Dessert | 13th February 2017 | By

Guys. Are you even READY for the insanity that is this healthy Chocolate Brownie Cake?!
I have to admit I’m in a bit of shock at the success it’s turned out to be. It is SO good. Like, SO SO GOOD. Possibly even better than my Lemon, Coconut and Olive Oil Cake.


Mango Curry with Macadamia and Yellow Split Pea (V, GF, DF)

Mango, Macadamia and Yellow Split Pea Curry. This gorgeous vegan curry is fruity, creamy and comforting all at once. BONUS: its full of protein! Thanks, yellow split peas. |

Dinner | 8th February 2017 | By

HELLO, you beautiful nuggets!

Mango Curry with Macadamia and Yellow Split Pea. This gorgeous vegan curry is fruity, creamy and comforting all at once. BONUS: its full of protein! Thanks, yellow split peas.

I hope you’re all well. Today I’m sharing the recipe for this absolutely delightful, scrumdiddlyumptious mango curry. Mango curry with macadamia and yellow split peas, no less. Get ready, cause this one is a game changer.


Norwich Food Guide: Best Restaurants, Cafes & More

Norwich Food Guide

England | 4th February 2017 | By

Welcome to my ultimate Norwich Food Guide. Looking for the best spot to tuck into breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a delicious drink? Then read on! This guide has got you covered.
Although I am now a Glasgow dweller, Norwich is my hometown. Since moving to Glasgow over two years ago it seems that a mixture of travel logistics and lack of time has meant that I don’t go back to visit very often. But, when I do, I find myself feeling so nostalgic about this little market town I grew up in, filled with excitement to explore its cobbled lanes and see how the city has grown and moved forward.


Thai Sweet Potato Fish Pie with Collard Greens

Thai Fish Pie with Spring Greens. This delicious weeknight dinner has had a Thai makeover with sweet potato, curry paste and greens. Healthy and delish! |

Dinner | 1st February 2017 | By

WELCOME to the most insanely delicious fish pie you will ever eat

Not hard, I guess, because I suspect that fish pie is not sitting at the no.1 spot on most people’s ‘so delicious I can hardly keep from salivating when I think of it!’ list- but even so. THIS Thai sweet potato fish pie is giving the face of fish pie a lil makeover. A spruce up. A rebranding, if you like.