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bakery47, Glasgow

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Let me start by saying that I have never had anything I didn’t absolutely love from bakery47. Ever. And, uh, Andrew and I go there a lot.
As in, a lot.
It is hands down our favourite place to head for breakfast and brunch in Glasgow. When we talk about checking out other places for breakfast, we mean well. We do. But we both secretly know, deep down, that it’s not going to happen. Because bakery47 has stolen our stomachs.

bakery47, Glasgow
If you happen to be a fellow Glasgow dweller who has never heard of this place, you’ll be forgiven. Unlike most of Glasgow’s coolest cafes and restaurants, bakery47 is not nestled amongst the boutiques and coffee shops of the hipster West End or the chic yet characterful city centre. Just 10 minutes from the centre by car, bakery47 is an absolute hidden gem amongst the middle eastern grocery stores, mini supermarkets and greasy spoons of Glasgow’s up and coming Southside. The outskirts are the perfect place for such a nonchalant, unpretentious little eatery. Speaking of: the view from the breakfast bar? It’s a wasteland. Because why would you need to bother with a prime location with breakfasts and bakes as good as bakery47’s? The queues spilling out of the door speak for themselves.
As the bakers themselves state:

“we’re in a strange location. you have to go out of your way. and this is our hope – that you will.”– bakery47.

bakery47 is an artisan bakery, a cafe and a community initiative all in one. It opens only four days a week- Thursday through to Sunday- and the bakers close when everything sells out. (TIP: it really can sell out very quickly. Get there as soon as it opens to ensure you don’t miss out on whichever breakfast or bake you’ve set your heart on!). The offerings are freshly made in house every day, and include a great variety of delicious breads- sourdoughs (their speciality), loaves, buns and always a delicious line up of sweet breads on the counter. Special diets are well catered for also; there is usually at least one sweet bread that boasts the label of gluten free or vegan- or both!
bakery47, Glasgow
In line with their support of local businesses, bakery47 tend to showcase a range of coffees from coffee roasters across Glasgow- so much like their food menu, the coffee menu is always changing. You’ll never go too far wrong, though- Glasgow has a great coffee scene.
bakery47, Glasgow

our bakery doesn’t bare our name and our branding is minimal.  we want this place to be that of others as much as our own. – bakery47.

As mentioned previously, bakery47 are entirely unpretentious in their efforts. The interior of the bakery is imperfect and undone, interesting with the arrays of colourful food and artwork from local artists adorning the walls. In the bathroom, you will always find a business card advertising a local business. It was in fact here that I discovered Inver Restaurant. The staff are great; friendly and laid back; never pushy or rude.
And then there’s the bakes. The almond croissants, the white chocolate, cardamom and pistachio buns, the Portuguese pastel de natas, the fingerprint cookies and the rich, gooey, honeycomb brownies…
bakery47, Glasgow
bakery47, Glasgow
And that’s all before you’ve even read the breakfast menu. Always a little unusual, always absolutely delicious, bakery47 create an entirely new breakfast menu every day that they are open. There are usually about 5-6 sweet and savoury dishes available, never (that I have personally seen) anything more than £8. Most items are around the £5 mark, which is frankly outstanding when you consider the quality and flavour of the ingredients that go into each dish, as well as the well thought out combinations. Some of our favourites have included a trio of sweet toasted breads with coconut almond butter and grapefruit marmalade; rhubarb and ginger bircher muesli with buckwheat groats and burnt white chocolate; scrambled eggs, asparagus and American biscuits… oh man, did I mention I’m never disappointed by anything at bakery47?
bakery47, Glasgow
My dad was in town a couple of weeks ago, so naturally I brought him here. It was so difficult to choose something from the menu -I always want to try everything- but I eventually opted for the oven baked buckwheat crepes, roast rhubarb and vanilla custard. OH MY GOODNESS. I never entirely love the distinct buckwheat taste when using it in my own baking, so I have no idea how they did it… but these buckwheat crepes were a thing of outright glory! Subtly nutty, perfectly cooked and absolutely gorgeous with the sweet but not sickly roasted rhubarb and beautifully creamy vanilla custard.
bakery47, Glasgow
My dad went for the home style baked beans, sourdough toast and hard boiled eggs. I wrangled him into letting me try a little, and the home style baked beans were fantastic-expertly seasoned and simmered to perfection. The toast was of course a masterpiece too.
All in all, I think I’ve probably accomplished enough gushing and raving over bakery47. At least for the time being. Hopefully you too will now be convinced that this is the yummiest haven in Glasgow. All that’s left for you to do is see for yourself!
bakery47, Glasgow
76 Victoria Road
G42 7AA

Opening hours:
Thursday 8am – until sold out
Friday 8am – until sold out
Saturday 9am – unitl sold out
Sunday 9am – until sold out

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