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Welcome to the Fave Files, a new weekly round up of everything I’ve been loving lately. I’ll be covering everything from blog posts that caught my eye, to what I’ve been reading, eating, watching and listening to. This first installment is a juicy read, so let’s jump in!

Links I’m Loving

Ethical Influencing: Why Bloggers Need to Do Better // Vix Meldrew.
Always relevant. I can understand that bloggers need to yield an income in return for the time spent creating content – but is it ever worth compromising your morals or putting others in danger by promoting potentially dangerous products? (No).
You Will Feel Happier if You Do These 3 Things Every Day // Career Girl Daily.
All so true. In summary: Take control. Be grateful. Let go.
100 Must-Read Books Of 2017 // Medium.
You know, because I definitely needed to add MORE books to my endless and ever growing list. Seriously though – there are some really interesting reads listed here. Split into the categories of well-being, tech, environment, business, creativity, future you, changemakers, sport and adventure and food and education, there’s surely something to be found for every taste.
Muhammara Dip // Feasting at Home.
A new restaurant, BABA, recently opened here in Edinburgh and I’ve become OBSESSED with their muhammara dip. It’s honestly to die for. This recipe from Feasting at Home looks like a delicious and totally doable version. Will definitely be giving it a try this month *heart eyes*.
One Pan Brussels Sprout and Red Lentil Pie with a Root Vegetable Mash // Golubka Kitchen.
Um, well this looks incredible. A perfectly cosy winter dish!
Creamy Cashew Gingersnap Lattes // The Bojon Gourmet.
Ok, now for a drink recipe. Oh my LORD this looks absolutely out of this world scrumptious. Cashews and coffee??? Hi, hello, sign me up. Also: stunning stunning stunning photography.
2017: My Year in Review // Never Ending Footsteps.
I loved reading this post from Lauren. She is by far my favourite travel blogger – one whose travels I’ve been following (and seriously lusting after) for years. If you’ve never heard of her, definitely give her blog a look. Her writing style is so entertaining.

Listening To

1. Drawing Skulls – Shiffley
This song really reminds me of the kind of music I used to listen as a teenager, and that’s making me very happy. Isn’t nostalgia the best?
2. Maybes (feat. Japanese Breakfast) (RAC Mix) – Giraffage
Absolutely obsessed. I’ve been dancing around my house to this a LOT.
3. Diplo – Get it Right ft. MØ
I enjoy anything from MØ, and right now I’m loving this for the gym!
4. Gucci Mane – Both (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne) (Remix)
I can’t lie, this song is really satisfying my inner gangsta. I love a bit of rap and hip hop, especially for the gym, and this song has been getting me through some heavy lifts.


1. 8 Books You NEED to Read in 2018 // Zanna Van Dijk Youtube
I love Zanna, and I love books. Perfect combo, non? On a serious note, Zanna always has brilliant book recommendations, and this video was no exception. My 2018 reading list is positively overflowing now.
2. The Crown, Season 2 // Netflix
Oh my god! HOW good was season 2?! Although I enjoyed season 1, I feel like this show really hit its stride this season. I loved the enhanced focus on relationships between characters old and new as well as the spotlight on Phillip’s past. And Princess Margaret’s storyline was so interesting. Although I’m still a bit perplexed by the Royal Family as an entity, this show has really peaked my fascination.


1. Ego is the Enemy // Ryan Holliday.
For the first half of it, I really wasn’t sure what to make of this book. I wondered whether this was in fact, ironically, my ego feeling wounded by its contents. But no – I can’t dispute that Holliday had some extremely important and valuable insights into the dangers of letting your ego get in the way. It was the writing style that I wasn’t so keen on – that’s what didn’t feel so valuable to me. He speaks a lot about what you shouldn’t do, without giving you many accompanying tools to put the information into action. In this way, it felt more like a 200+ page lecture than it did a self development book.
2. Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat // Phillip Lymberry & Isabel Oakeshott.
So far I’m only about 15 pages into this book, which I feel is too early to comment on. I plan to finish it by the end of January so will update you on my thoughts in a later “Fave Files” instalment!
3. The Green Kitchen // David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl.
For Christmas this year, Andrew bought me this beautiful cookbook. Their food blog of the same name is one of my favourites, so I was suuuper excited to receive this and spent boxing day morning excitedly browsing each page and bookmarking all the recipes I want to make. I’ve already tried the hemp protein snack bars (with a few substitutions, because I was unprepared but really wanted to make them) and holy moly they were delish. I plan to also make their blackberry breakfast crumble and cauliflower and apricot curry this week. YUM. Definitely a worthwhile book for any vegetarians out there who are struggling with recipe inspiration.
4. The Form Nutrition Intermittent Fasting Newsletter Series (sign up here).
Although I am still yet to try their infamous protein powders (seriously, is there a vegan on Instagram who hasn’t been raving about these?!), I have signed up for their newsletter series which looks at intermittent fasting. It’s written by the owner of Form Nutrition who has a PhD in nutrition, so you can trust that the information is legit. Intermittent fasting has interested me for some time both personally and professionally, so this newsletter has given me a great beginners insight into the practice before I move on to reading the associated clinical research.


1. I made the hemp seed protein bars from the The Green Kitchen at the beginning of the week. They’re proving to be a delightful little snack.
2. ENORMOUS plates of steamed veggies, drizzled with tahini, hot sauce and nutritional yeast is my absolute go to quick meal right now. Often I’ll also add some beans or lentils for protein. It’s simple, nutritious, easy and delicious. #nailedit
3. T2 Into The Forest teas. The wonderful crew over at T2 very kindly gifted me their new Into The Forest tea set at an event I attended at their Glasgow store last month. As the weather has been getting nippier, I’ve been loving making my way through each of the individual sachets in this box. Its been lovely to mix it up and have something a bit different each time I crave a comforting hot drink. If you fancy seeing what other teas they have on offer, check out my review of their T2 tea masterclass!
4. Porridge cooked with oat milk and flax seeds stirred through. Topped with almond butter, 100% natural apple sauce and pumpkin seeds. Simple and perfect.
5. My Vegan Cinnamon Walnut Biscuits. Well DUH. If you haven’t made these yet, get on it immediately.
6. Considerit Vegan Doughnuts // Edinburgh.
Andrew and I treated ourselves to a couple of these at the weekend on the recommendation of my sports massage therapist. Let’s just say that, as cheeky weekend treats go, they did not disappoint!

Thanks for reading this weeks Fave Files!! I’d love to know what you’ve been loving this week, too. Let me know in the comments!

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