The Fave Files #5

The Fave Files #5

Lifestyle | 8th April 2018 | By

Hey, friends! Welcome to another Fave Files post. The fifth one, actually! It feels like just yesterday that I started writing these, and I’m so glad that I did. I think they’ll be great to look back on later down the line - like a diary, of sorts. I hope you’re enjoying them too?!

So let’s get into it. Spoiler alert: you’re about to discover my penchant for “Escape to the Country” and long train journeys.

…Why am I like this? *shakes head*

Links I’ve been loving:

12 Best Vegan Recipes From Our Favourite Sustainable Food Bloggers
Black and white cold brew coffee cream pops… HELLO friend. 

15 Insanely Chic Italian Homes (That Are Available to Rent) 
You may wonder why I am reading a feature on beautiful Italian homes for rent. And it would be a good question. The answer is that I am OBSESSED with interior design and adore looking at the many ways that a home can be transformed. I remember being in my early teens, at the house of a family friend, and finding a book on interior design. As I flicked through the pages, I felt so amazed and inspired by all the different ways a physical space could be manipulated to one’s personal preference.

Then there were the home renovation shows on tv. I used to love those, and still do find myself, every now and again, guiltily watching Escape to the Country to get a peak at the wonderful and characterful old houses. Yep, I’m so prepared for middle age.

I imagine that people probably think I’m a snob for always wanting to go to the restaurants/bars/hotels etc with the coolest interior design. But the image associated with going to cool places hasn’t got anything to do with it. It’s about the strange mix of calm, excitement and inspiration I feel at seeing design used in a way that can transform our surroundings.

The 12 Best Rail Journeys in the World 
Train travel is my absolute FAVE. For me, there’s something so calming and soothing about it. Just trundling along, *safely*, *quietly if you’re lucky* and able to take in all of the sights that you’d never normally see. I would absolutely love to take a dedicated train holiday somewhere in the future, so this article provided great food for thought. 

5 Essential Calf Stretches Everyone Should Be Doing
It recently came to my attention that I have a crap ton of tightness and associated trigger points in my gastrocnemius and soleus muscles (two of our biggest calf muscles). I swear that myofascial release on these points hurts more than anywhere else on the entire body. Seriously, the worst. But it’s all for a good cause… *grimaces*

Exploring the Abandoned Monte Palace Hotel in San Miguel
Oh my GOD - that photo of the elevator drop *scream emoji*. When I see things like this, it’s hard to remember a time that I wasn’t terrified of heights. Not to mention that there was a time when I, um, WENT SKYDIVING. Damn getting older and wussier.

Fasting Triggers Stem Cell Regeneration of Damaged, Old Immune System 
V.interesting article regarding the effect of fasting on recovery from the negative effects of chemotherapy. Worth a read. 


One Pot Vegetarian Chilli
I re-made this recipe this week to make sure it was perfect before posting on the blog. It’s so easy, hearty and filling. 

Brazil Nuts
Actually, I always eat brazil nuts, but recently I’ve been especially loving them. Did you know that just 1-2 brazil nuts are enough to fulfill your daily selenium requirement? FYI, in the UK that’s 60mcg for adult women, and 75mcg for adult men. 

Rice porridge!
I want to mix up my breakfasts a bit, so I’ve recently tried out making my usual porridge with rice flakes instead. What can I say? I’m a fan!

Tahini and Marmite Puff Pastry Twists
Sound epic? They are. And they’ll be on the blog soon. 😉


Take Your Pills
This is a Netflix documentary about the prevalance of Adderall abuse across US high schools and colleges. It’s a pretty crazy but interesting watch.

A Netflix series that I’m not sure I love. We’ve watched about 4 episodes now and it all just feels a bit dreary yet intense at the same time. One more episode and if I’m not still not hooked, then I’m callin’ it.

Photoshop Surgeon on YouTube
Okay, okay, hear me out. I recently got a Photoshop license for work, and consequently found myself searching for “how-to” tutorials on YouTube. Now Photoshop-related videos are being recommended all up on my homepage - including these ones from Photoshop Surgeon. I clicked on one out of morbid fascination, and… well, now I’m kind of hooked. It’s a problem.

Visible Human Project Overview 
As part of a work project this week, I had to learn about the Visible Human Project. Wow! It’s pretty incredible stuff. If you’re at all interested in human anatomy, give this video a watch. You’ll learn about how the project was conducted and what it is being used for in the medical sector. Technology blows my mind.

Listening to:

The Arctic Monkeys.
A LOT. Favourite songs: Knee Socks, and Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

The Girl - City and Colour.
Because it’s one of my favourite songs ever. I just love it so much, it’s beautiful. Give it a listen.

Ultralife - Oh Wonder.
Just a really fun, happy song. That I found whilst stalking my boyfriend’s Soundcloud. #credityoursources


How to Style Your Brand - Fiona Humberstone. This year, I’d like to rebrand Fuelling the Fork. I’ve had the same blog theme since day 1, and it’s time for something new. I can’t wait to get planning. Fiona’s book, How to Style Your Brand, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to figuring out your vision for your brand and how to actually implement it. Really highly recommend. 

Playing Big - Tara Mohr. Loving this. What a sassy and inspiring lady Tara seems. In a nutshell, this book analyses the ways in which women have been taught to “play small” when it comes to their careers, and how we can break past these limitations to embark upon the career or projects that we really want to.

That’s it for this weeks fave files! Thanks for reading! Did any of my favourites coincide with yours? I’d love to hear your favourites this week in the comments below. Let’s share the knowledge!

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